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Originally Posted by Gem
Yes. The person being reborn can't be liberated because it's a fabrication perpetuated by the reactive mind. I was just discussing the process by which that occurs since the will generated in that process pertains to depravity.

If you must, then Please make a distinction between those who are reborn and those who are reincarnated?

As for your post, then you just keep believing that which is taught by the religious body you belong to, which beliefs do not conform to those of the followers of Christ, which beliefs are expressed on the Christian section of this forum.

As you have said Gem; "Seeing is believing" and we have seen the Lord God our saviour, who filled the man Jesus with his spirit in order to reveal himself to us and the AWESOME sacrifice that he makes for the sinful body of mankind in which he (The Son of Man) had developed. for all have sinned and all must pay the price for the sins committed while in the flesh.

Bye, Bye gem.
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