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Originally Posted by The Anointed
Let me repeat once again, "To be reborn in the next cycle of universal activity is not the same as being reincarnated in the next generation of the universe".
I don't know anything about that.
Do you believe that everyone in this cycle of universal activity will attain to Moksha=liberation, or Nirvana=Ultimate Liberation? Yes or no!
Well, the rebirth cycle only pertains to a psychological self which can't be liberated, and the one aware was never actually subject to rebirth cycles in the first place. It's a bit like the question, Do trolls always live under bridges? Yes or no! The question incorrectly assumes creatures that don't exist (apart from being fabricated in the mind). Same as the one who undergoes rebirth is a fabrication of the mind. Since the reborn isn't real, we can only speak of the process by which the delusion is perpetuated...
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