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Originally Posted by BigJohn
What are the most conservative religions.Especially if they predominate one nation.

One religion I have found to be extremely conservative is Buddhism.

Please talk freely on the subject.

I'm curious as to the term 'Conservative religion' chosen here.
Of course examples can be given over differing religions and what people of that religion have done (whether in a country, a region, a group of people, an organisation etc).
However, when one looks beyond the above categories and boils it down to individual people, I'm not sure that there would be one religion more conservative than others.
Sure people may point out how about X religion, they did this, what about Y religion, they did that, but then we're looking more towards the collective than individuals.

I don't see it as X religion is more or less conservative than Y religion, I see it more as individuals and how they interpret religions.

For example, many people will point out Afghanistan being a conservative Muslim country, and mainly due to the Taliban!
But if the young men of Afghanistan were given opportunities of getting a decent education, getting a decent career, how many of them would want to join the Taliban?

Look at pictures of Afghanistan in the 60's when Taliban had not infiltrated society-how incredibly different to present day Afghanistan!

I still think it's individuals that make (or are forced to make) a religion conservative, because it's down to interpretation.

Hey sorry to hijack the conversation here folks, but it is an interesting topic, and I just wanted to offer my two cents here
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