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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
Ermm... I was reacting to the OP, not you.
This is an old post, the OP is gone, I'm answering for him ;)

As for thinking you are different, which I assume outlier implies, join the club of millions who feel the same way. Meaning there is no such thing is outlier.
lol! Okay but I know plenty of people want to differentiate from others, while some would like to be part of the mass and stop being visible.

But I'm a Crystal with strong Rainbow tendency.
Judging by your name, pictures and interests, I'm not surprised!
You're a prism then, you let light go through you and disperse it in a rainbow ;)

As for the rest not sure what point you were trying to make. What does fascination of Asians have to do with the topic??
I was trying to point what makes me stand out. Asian traits while I'm 100% European. I don't know if it's indigo-related though.
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