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"demand evidence from one of their scriptures" yeah I know what you mean, and believing that scriptures represent evidence to use in a rational argument is another sign of conservatism in my book.

Conservative religiously and liberal politically. Examples of this in my area are evangelical churches who take seriously and practically the Biblical injunctions to look after the poor and homeless etc. They set up food banks, nurseries, lunch clubs for the elderly, aid for refugees & asylum seekers etc; and criticise politicians for not doing enough for these people and the community in general (rather than supporting individualism).

Liberal religiously and conservative politically. A rarer type, but I've come across a few in liberal churches, mostly business owners who argue for business-friendly free market economics. They also want their individual freedom to extend to the religious sphere. Interesting that individualism leads to right-wing politics but liberal religion, with vice-versa for communalism. Or do you have a different observation.

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