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Originally Posted by LibbyScorp
Haven't worked out in a while and went a bit mad during the first part of this lock down with the unhealthy decisions lol.

-stairs instead of elevator (still working)
-walking, jump roping 3 minutes
-Started 30 minute hip hop tabata videos
-General toning with planks and 5lb weights

Looking to improve dancing and get back into rigorous yoga training like last year.

Go ahead. Inspire me.

LibbyScorp - I am fortunate in that I have an exercise machine to work out on as well as a weight machine. The problem sometimes with me is motivation to get down in the basement and actually work out.

Something I've started doing recently however, is pulling up on the TV a Youtube yoga video to work out to. Stretching and flexibility is something I don't usually do. After just one session of yoga I woke up the next day feeling pain in areas I've never felt before.
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