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Refining sensibilities

Alone we walk the winding path
Defying patterned grooves of egoic wrath
Refining our sensibilities by mere pause
We alone know, so there is no applause

Continuous contemplative consciousness correction
Is our chosen direction
To take up inner cleansing
Breaking free of doctrines ego appeasing

The flywheel of the gross has momentum
Though slowing down within our inner sanctum
The way of micro refinement
Lies simply in inner alignment

Which is, choosing thoughts of wellness & expansion
Rather than consciousness narrowing contraction
For example, choosing to agendalessly smile
Infectiously, motivelessly, love dispersion without guile

Thoughts mild
Words kind
Actions benign
Is how we align

Yet the egoic flywheel moves
In patterned grooves
Along with flowers there are a few thorns
Simply dissolve in the fragrance that adorns

Feel it!
Be it!
Become it!
Love ... transmit!

In ecstatic aloneness
One with the oneness

God alone Is
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