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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker
Presence in stillness

Noise external received by the senses
Contracting thoughts also take their chances
Bouncing off crystalline spherical perception
No point of entry for dualistic deception

The domain of inner stillness is rippleless innocence
Energised by divine entwined expansive presence
Movement of images are watched with equanimity
The core untouched, always retaining its vital pristinity

Call it all time stillness or any time meditation
Presence without thought, divine love fructification
Such is the default position of unified consciousness
A continuum of alert stillness in free flowing be-ness

The body self void is filled with the nectar divine & magnetised
By unified non self presence, Universe energised
Outer & inner both become one, in the staid, deep stillness
Awareness just is, as it is, in a state of expansive wellness

There is neither any doing, nor any seeking
Save presence alive & aglow within, in motionless being
No egoistic clutter, no calculation, no computation
Simply engaged as That, in a continuum of ecstatic elation

As the That essence, now occupy the body vehicle
The That being the stillness itself, egoistic force is null
Inner stillness within outer movement, the game is yet played
As Universe ordained, zestfully though detachedly engaged


That ripped me to the core.

I dig it..

At some point

We slow it down

What is it?

At the core.

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