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Stillness: Back to the basics

Nothing new in the electrochemistry
It no longer is a scientific mystery
Waves Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma & Epsilon
Descending from buoyant ecstasy to a persona forlorn

Zodiac signs & rainbow colours assigned to chakras renamed
Esoteric yogic techniques, exponents aplenty, all self-proclaimed
Fiery verbal duels, by many an argumentative eristic
Each it seems is the ultimate mystic

Leaving profundity to theorists whose verbosity we acknowledge
What matters is assimilated wisdom, not vicarious knowledge
So we go in within, alone, in meditational stillness, upon a virgin path
Each moment in the time continuum, a holy sabbath

What we seek is expansive consciousness & joy eternal
And what is eternal is obviously not embraceable in the ephemeral
So we chop off perishable egoistic attachments, fear & desire
And straightaway plunge our non-self into the divine fire

How? In unseeking stillness within ... deep within
Where at each moment we anew begin
No conflict, no violence
Effortless stillness, rippleless silence

No agenda, no seeker, no doer
We are still, yet there is a mover
The flow of the Universe within into which we dissolve
Emerging from which we automatically evolve

What do we gain & what do we lose?
Irrelevant, for we are not, yet desirelessly choose
What we lose is our sorrow generating gross contaminant
Gain being ineffable, exalted, joyous divine love enablement

There is no way; our choice itself is the way
Save unendingly effusing love, no rules to obey
Thoughts sublime, words kind, actions benign
Self, Soul & Spirit thus align

Trust the Universe, plunge into its loving stream
We need to wake up now, from our narrow dream
Upon lighting a candle, darkness is instantly expelled
Surrendering to the divine, ignorance is automatically dispelled

And that is all there is to it
Doable if we do & never ever quit
Simpler the truth, it seems the more elusive it is
So perplexed we are by life’s jigsaw quiz
God alone Is
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