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The shifting stillness fulcrum

Dynamically aware unfettered consciousness
Motionless in silently shifting stillness
Movement is of the current, not our mind
Free floating, unresistant, dissolved, aligned

Alertly still & trustingly unexpectant
Fragmented narrow thoughts decadent
The exalted ineffable divine essence
Imbibed automatically by soulful presence

Inverted image, apparent reality being illusion
Worldly knowledge known to be delusion
Inner wisdom ignited within stillness accentuated
Effortlessly, as a nondoer, divine-centre gravitated

Stillness being nothing but freezing the external
Disowning all instruments resident in the ephemeral
Movement is at the periphery but the centre is still
Self merged in the Universe, as a unified will

There is neither any coming nor any going
Save an observer attentive to divine energy flowing
In just being, becoming, transforming magically
Awareness without self, blossoming automatically
God alone Is
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