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Love is definitely an easy word to say, the question is determining how you mean it. I love the way some people speak, make me laugh etc....but to be able to say you love someone because you "feel" it, wow thats something truly amazing. I thought I experienced this once before but it was not the kind of love that gave me butterflies even after many years has passed. I believe that that is true love. When your still able to look at that person and they make you feel warm, happy, and tender. There are definite degrees of love and in time when you find the right person, its possible to figure it out upon first meeting them. It's easier for some but difficult for others. As a Tarot Reader I've had to figure these things out for some. I'm only able to give clues never to be able to say yes 100% you love this person because if you yourself do not feel this then just by me saying this means nothing. Everything I suppose boils down to feeling it deep within. Just my opinion and observation!