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Love as opposed to Love.

Has anyone else noticed two different types of Love?

There is love - do you love me? yes i do, that kind of love where there is some doubt to be filled.

Then there is love - I fckin love that, thats amazing, your amazing now i see how brilliant you are that type of love where there is no effort just total love at the brilliance of something, caught in that moment of realisation when you become aware of the amazingness of something, or someone or yourself.

I wonder if I spend to much time trying to love the first way, when if i would just open my eyes to the brilliance of evrything, if i would just take a moment to love the good rather than judge the bad, if i would just trust instead of doubt i would love it all - no effort involved??

Plus the second kind of love is easy to say, i love the way you do that, wow you've done that really well. when you really recognise something good and express your recognition its easier to do -- saying to someone that i love them has always been hard for me the first way, but the second way is just so easy.

That was a bit of a ramble, sorry.

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