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Originally Posted by Starman
Stress is a silent killer, and by the time it is recognized it may have already done some damage. The thing is to recognize it before it grows. One of the early warning signs for me when I am under stress, is that I begin to curse. I donít usually curse, but when I am under stress curse words come out of me.

Everyone has their own red flags, something that tells them they are under stress. Given this pandemic, quarantine, etc., people out of work, there is a lot of stress out there, or more correctly within us. Even as spiritually oriented people, doing relaxation techniques, meditation, etc., we can still experience stress.

The more meditation we do the greater flow of energy, and the more potential for greater stress if we donít stay open to that flow. Stress is a mental thing that can cause all sorts of physical ailments. It starts on a mental level, can cause great emotional distress, and can move into our physical body causing inflammation and other physical ailments.

People with high blood pressure or hypertension, or have some other pre-existing condition, are more susceptible to stress. I might guess that a number of people are turning to alcohol or other drugs to cope with the effects of this pandemic and the stress it brings. I donít advocate using alcohol or drugs to relive stress.

So what are your particular warning signs, or red flags, that tell you when you are stressed, and also what remedies do you use to relive stress. It might also be interesting to hear how other people collect stress. We all hold stress in various parts of our physical body.

Some people get tension headaches. I hold stress in the back of my neck and shoulders, and others may hold it elsewhere. Stress is widely overlooked by many and when it is, it usually leads to behavior problems. Different people handle stress differently and some donít handle it at all. I thought given all the stress people are under right now, it may be helpful to compare notes on the subject.

Entire thread on stress is great and effects of over stress is real and damaging as described . From development of individual perspective , legitimate stress is required . Low stress or no stress too leads to some sort of ignorance / laziness / tardiness . So key is to regulate it to a manageable desirable level and that's where all challenges come up .

Stress is governed by our various threat perspectives and our perceived ability to deal with it. So following can be key in managing it to desirable levels .
1. Good understanding of our environments and challenges / threats therein
2. Good understanding of our capabilities (Physical/mental / financial /social etc)
3. Continuous perseverance in maintaining or increasing our abilities (through physical exercise / meditation etc)
4. Change management (like changing habits with changing environment if required)
5. Engaging in stress buster hobby like singing ,reading , playing , dancing ,painting
6. Managing our expectations to real than illusory.
7. Maintaining positive orientation towards life
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