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Post Early Morning Method

1. Select a time in advance that you will experience an OBE. (This evening I will have a conscious OBE).

2. Several hours before your chosen time keep reminding yourself of your focused goal to have an immediate and conscious OBE.

3. At bedtime set your alarm for about 4 hours after you expect to fall asleep.

4. When you are relaxing and drifting off to sleep, repeat your intention to have a fully conscious OBE. (Hold your intention as your last conscious thought)

5. After awakened by your alarm, get up for about 15 minutes and move to your sofa (or designated OBE practice area, however, not your normal bed!) and lie on your back in a comfortable position.

6. Saturate your mind with your intention to have an immediate OBE. “Now I have an OBE” or whatever words focus your intention for you.

7. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking around your house, and away from your body, as you examine objects within your home. Clearly, imagine yourself walking to another room of your home.

8. While holding this vision, silently repeat your focused intention, “Now I have an Out-of-Body experience.” IMPORTANT - Hold this focused intention as your last conscious thought as you drift off.
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