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Originally Posted by Ophiuchus94

I agree this aspect may bring some violence, but not necessarily on the physical level. Uranus represents technology as well and with Mars over there, it can represent "online violence" of any kind or "online battle". It is also important to mention people's need to be free (Uranus), especially in the US today, and they can try (or tried) to achieve their freedom in a more violent way (Mars). But if we look at their sign, Taurus, this is an earthly sign, and it brings stability and control. Mars cannot express itself here in a proper way, and there is a border to this "violence". Anyway, Mars can also represent courageous battle, for freedom (Uranus) for example. This doesn't need to be seen negatively.

Also I clicked on your profile because of your user name & you got the same birthday as me :-P Except I am 8 years older. Well I guess that explains your optimistic outlook. I was too optimistic at 26, yes there is such a thing but life made me a bit more cynical over the years. Still have that signature Sag trait but it has gone through some upgrades over the years. It was my Saturn return that did it. Thats a good time right there
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