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My friend saw me and this happened

My housemate sleeps in the room next to me and is an adept astral projector by the sounds of it (even though he keeps thinking they're dreams). I asked him, next time he does it to go into my room and see what i'm doing.

He recalled that I was running, galloping really fast just in one place, perhaps my astral body was doing this? Either way he was poking me and naturally I wasn't responding. He did also mention on my windowsill an object which I don't even have in the physical world.

He couldn't recall the specifics but it was shaking on one spot and ticking, kind of like a metronome. Any idea what all this could symbolise?

Most likely i'd draw a parallel to my career like where i'm off work studying and feel like i'm running out of time. But i'm interested to hear anyone else's perspective on this as things are sometimes not what they appear.
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