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Color ................Space( Time *) i (* Time )Space..........

Higgs was the unifying force for all matter particles and its quantum particle was discoverd by LHCollider some years ago.

Since then LHC has not been able to discover/uncover the next layer/shell.

As I stated previously, Lee Smolin makes clear it would take a collider the size of solar system to quantise gravity ergo we are left with only with our mathematical approach to seize-the-day!

Lee Smolin does not consider Dark Energy )(, or if he does it is Ive not yet familiar with his comments.

Eventually he and others will come around to the rational, logical common sense conclusions I have come to.

The geometry of the torus ( )( ) having diametric opposites ---><--- of positive ( ) and negative )( shaped space is relatively simple for most adults to grasp.

That Observed Time ----/\/\/---> consciousness * * is a resultant of Gravity ( ) and Dark Energy )( also does not take a physicists or genius grasp.

The actual discover equations for GUTOE is still not known ergo the disscussion goes forward in Time ----/\/\/---> and space ( )( ).
...................Space( Time *) i (* Time )Space...................

* * = bilateral consciousness

i = ego as spirit-1{ spirit-of-intent } and metaphysical-1, via mind/intellect/concepts

If others want to know the known the basic fundmamentals, then they need to begin here with "The Building Blocks of Universe" video.

The author makes clear that Lee Smolin has now switch his position and agrees with above regarding Time.
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