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I just had another OBE, in the last three days, I had an OBE every single night, my sight was there with me, yey!! So I became awake while my body was still sleeping, so in this state, I was thinking what to do ( just to know, this is not sleep paralysis, when I became awake, I am instantly using my astral body ), I was floating inside my own body, then I decided to rise up, then I flyed through the window of my room and arrived outside, ohh man... the landscape was so beautiful... There was this incredible warming light everywere, everything was radiating of life and of this ligth, it was like a superb day of autumn.The sad thing is that I could only stay there for 15-20 seconds, I am just guessing, there is no sense of time there... I was flying around and admiring the view when suddenly I woke up.I wish I could stay more... but this is a real progress, I think in the near future I will be able to spend more and more time there.

I leave here two pictures to have an idea of what I saw:

The truth.
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