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Originally Posted by ThatMan
So I just want to share with you my last OBE, while sleeping, I just woke up, instantly I decided to "rise above" my body, or with other words, to leave my body, as I said many times before, it's a very nice sensation, all the weight of your body stays behind with your physical body.Anyway, recently I found out that I can't control my OBEs, many times it happens that I lose my sight or I lose control of my body while flying, well, last night, I got stuck in the tree that's in front of my house I was on the top of it, being stuck in its branches, well, while being there, for just few moments, I admired the view, it was almost dawn, then I woke instantly.When I woke up I decided to take a look at the place where I was stuck, it was exactly like it was in my OBE Before this to happen I return back into my body for several times because I kept losing my sight and I could only keep it for few moments so I had to go back in my body.

I just wanted to share with you something funny while having an OBE, you know, I had to go through the walls of my room to go outside and I could not free myself from the branches of that tree, I think it was not meant for me to go further, maybe because I have an obsession with going in space, I think I tried like more than 5 times to go in space :)) Of course, I flied to space but I still want to get a better view, I am not satisfied with what I've seen.

Do you have some advices about how can I make these OBEs to be more stable?

Keep up the good work. Hopefully you make some progress with your obe's. Amen
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