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Originally Posted by A human Being
Very interesting, Still Waters! She's someone I first heard about in connection with one of my most influential teachers, Adyashanti, who fell madly in love with her apparently. Though the quote was just something I came across on another forum, but you've inspired me to learn more about her now, she sounds like a fascinating woman!

Her writings are often self-deprecating in a way, which made them difficult to read initially when I first read some of them. There are repeated self-references to herself as a "miserable sinner". However, in those days, women could not really preach as the men could so, with those kind of comments about just being a woman, she was cleverly able to get her writings into the public domain. She's definitely worth investigating further as I think that she goes deeper than her respected contemporary, John of the Cross, though she had to be a little more careful in her writings since she was "just a woman".

My own spiritual mentor was also "just a woman" ... but she was the best (for me). I never expected to have a woman "guru" but I'm most assuredly happy that I connected with her and was guided by her.
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