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he couldn't help but think
the only 'friend' he ever had
just wanted him to play fetch
you know
he should be
the 'friend's' servant

he disliked that enough
that he decided
if that is what friends do
he could do without

even though
going from one
to none at all
seemed terrifying

and after a long time
the 'friend'
got the message
and went away

but this 'friend'
still invaded his dreams

when he complained
that he wanted nothing to do
with said person
and would he just go away
and quit with the dreams
the 'friend'
decided to start
giving him mean dreams

so much for being a 'friend'
as true colors always come out

so once again
he isn't out
to have friends
because everyone seems just too mean

but neither is it very smart
to tell people
who want something from him
to just go away
as he is finding -
that just makes people meaner
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