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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

An open secret yet into which none may peek
being Divine Love that does osmotically seep
into each pore of our being
all lifetron nodes within joyously celebrating
magnetism as ineffable blissful ecstasy
renewing & intensifying in continuity

We speak of this marvellous truth hoping to pair
but then we find that most people do not care
or if they obliquely do they cannot correlate
the feeling of transcendence within that does elate
and on our part too we are unable to transmit the bliss
since its reception depends upon the otherís openness

maybe futile but we yet affirm that the path is simple
all that it takes is disassociation from the ephemeral
and choosing connection with our divinity within eternal

Very well spoken, Unseeking Seeker. In my experience one of the more empowering movements of soul is to love that which cannot yet open and reverence the process in which each of us must ignite at the best time to become our fulfillment of the vast divine nature.
What is a question but a call to the Universe for its answer? Who are you but a call of the Universe to be heard? Unity is the true foundation of our unfolding reality. We all belong together within the kaleidoscope of our perceived singularity.
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