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I put considerable attention to my dreams. I've worked to learn to remember as many of them as I can, at least long enough to write them down when they seem worth remembering. They are quite vivid and detailed.

But the source of them? There seem to be multiple. I can sort them into:
- old fears. Bad or unpleasant experiences in my past, who keep returning.
- stuff that could have happened in a movie, meaning involving action and excitement and other unrealistic stuff.

I readily accept those above as stuff that my brain could be producing on its own. I don't see anything spiritual in that.

What I don't usually get:
- identifiable older historical periods. I can count the dreams happening any time before my current lifetime on one hand and have fingers left over.
- fantasy settings.

However, there are a few other dreams who seem to have a message for me and then is when I pay attention. I accept that when I sleep, my defenses go down or weaken and those on the other side who want to tell me something have their chance. This does not happen often, but when it does I recall the dream very strongly and in great detail and wake up as if I have been told to, rather than waking up drowsily over many minutes as I normally do.
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