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Originally Posted by asearcher

i have a question about this...someone close say she lived a life where her husband died before his time and nowadays at rare times in dreams she visit a place - a home - with solid, "real" things, furniture, plates, you name it, there - and he's there and so is someone else she knew from that life. She says this world is "real", it is always dark outside when she visits, she does not know how this husband sees her. Sees her as who she is in this current life time or if he sees her how she looked, was in her past life. What is this? Is it a thought form gone wild? Is it a reality that came from him dying when he should not? Her dreaming this happens when she is sick and she is drained after. I would love suggestions what it could be. :) Oh, by the way, I forgot, she says when she becomes aware for too long that she is there he wants her to stay but she is afraid to because she then thinks she could die in this reality of ours? She thinks this because she says he has died in our reality but he is not dead in that one. The surroundings is not exactly heavenly alike so I'm not sure where exactly he would be.

Well, in my opinion, it is up to us to make the best of where we are in the physical, be the best we can be for ourselves so others see us as an example to be able to help themselves. If it is true we are all one with the Universe and we are all connected by the Golden thread or spark of the Creator then everything in our forefront is for an experience.
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