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Stories about a search for an end to the suffering of all beings are only interpretations.
Did his wife and son suffer from this abandonment ?
You will have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

Best regards,

The search to find what your process within seeks can take you far and wide.

The ‘calling’ to move beyond life as life is, is not only a part of your individuality but for the whole as one. New creations can be understood through deeper discernment of all life together and when I read your words, I see that your own judgment and belief stifle that idea.

Death takes away, growth takes away, letting go takes away..

Death rebuilds life differently, growth rebuilds life differently. Letting go opens all life differently.

Life can be viewed the same way..
Sometimes our choices affect the whole as growth for all, the fallout in each one, necessary to their growth. Time for their growth they might otherwise stay stuck in.

Positive, welcome growth that might otherwise not be shared equally if we do not heed the call.

Sometimes the mind decides things are not positive because they are still attached in some way themselves.
I Have Travelled Through Madness To Find Me. - Danny Alexander
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