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Hi FallingLeaves.

I bow to your graciousness!! --whilst offering thanks for it, and a measure of embarrassment.

Diverting away--a little--from our thoughts.

I have been contemplating returning to performance on the road after about 30 yrs. No big deal, for in my case on the road has been literally on the road, or street, or wherever I was not "asked" to move on--busking.

One of the songs I've been practising is a song written by Townes Van Zandt--Pancho and Lefty.

In notes on Wikipedia--just mugged up on--Van Zandt says he takes/took no credit for the lyrics which--he states-- came through him.

A few lines particularly speak to--or at least toward--the subject of our discussion, and most succinctly imo.

lines from verse 3.

" Now Lefty he can't sing the blues
All night long like he used to
The dust that Pancho bit down south
It ended up in Leftys mouth."----

I expect the song is known to you, but, for anyone else reading, the pertinence of these lines to these discussions will become clear I think if you read or listen to the lyrics.

And strangely the first two lines quoted seem relevant to this fairly soon to be octogenarian seriously practicising for a late and probably final burst of public singing/playing.

cheers all in these challenging times.
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