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Originally Posted by asearcher
I've experienced that too only to me the black shadow stayed just like that but as it was in the corner of my eye I thought it could not be .I do think they can slow down, I've seen that too and I've seen them not being able to trespass, I've seen short versions of them and adult versions.
I definitely should meditate more because I know that helps. So thatís some thing Iím going to try to work on. I also typically see a lot more activity when Iím laying in bed with my eyes closed. Iím not asleep yet and I feel very relaxed so thatís typically when everybody comes to me. I even see things that donít look very nice. Last night in particular there were a couple entities that came to me that didnít appear to be very nice entities or people. Iíve never really done anything about it but Iím thinking maybe I should sage once in a while or keep some crystals by my bedside to keep those types of people away. The only thing I do is just assertively tell them to leave my space.

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