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The Body Is a Symphony

I woke up a couple nights ago with those 5 words in my head, “The Body Is a Symphony”. I laid there for the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what the heck that meant; I had absolutely no clue. When I finally fell back to sleep the answer became very clear. In my dream I saw a human with no detailed features standing up straight with his/her arms and legs stretched out from end to end. I then saw 5 points of light from each stretched out body-part which then formed a 5-pointed star. Balls of light lit up both hands, both feet and the forehead. I then heard the words, “The Body Is a Symphony. Each ball of light generated waves of energy that kept stretching out with pulsating bursts until they all touched. And as this occurred a sixth ball of energy lit up in the middle of the body and seemed to harmonize with the rest of these energy nodes to link them all together. Once again I heard those words; “The Body Is a Symphony” And then said “when all interments are in tune they harmonize with each other and create something very beautiful. I then saw a rainbow of color lights where the Chakras are located in the body. Each one stretched out forming a rainbow that actually went into the ground and circled back up to connect each Chakra. Now from the center node waves of energy stretched out from the body to unite all within. I said, isn’t the number six the number of imperfection. A voice said “very good, it is an incomplete number”. Then a seventh ball of energy lit up above the body just outside the other pulsating nodes. The voice said “when the six nodes are in harmony the seventh becomes inevitable”. The voice finally said “Love without fear”.

Then I awoke. I wish I could describe to you the beauty of what I saw. The colors were SO vivid and bright; I could hear sound animating from each ball of light. And when the Chakras lit up and the rainbow of colors went through the ground I could hear it penetrate the earth and back out again as it connected; the vibrating sound was incredibly beautiful; harmonious. This was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen!

I don’t know how much truth there is to this dream; I’m just relaying what I saw; what I remembered.

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