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Originally Posted by Marie
How do you figure out who to be with? And what if you have crucial work waiting together, and, you swore youd be together in the end?

That's where these forums in particular have helped me..
This forum is not as active .. it seems.. There was one I wrote at but can't remember the name of it.. it's been some time ago. To share & write helped me get to point of acceptance & release of what I could not grasp..
it's like grasping light bodies.. LOL.. how can a person grab ahold & hold onto a light body.. maybe but not.. It's soul family.. the mission then would be ?
also ethereal.. It has helped me to meet multiple soul family members & think of this in larger picture so I can release the intensity, which can be overwhelming at times.. but we are told to walk, "through The Fire," and this is what it feels like too as to healing..
(my version of making sense of 3D but experiencing higher dimensions)...
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