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Book1 Getting Closer To Knowing?

Hi, everyone!

A few minutes ago, I read a brief passage from a book called:

"Close Extraterrestrial Encounters
(Positive Experiences With Positive Beings)"

By Richard J. Boylan Ph.D. & Lee K. Boylan

In "Experiencer" Brian's account, he briefly spoke of a set of childhood drawings:

". . . I drew beings I called the "Eyeball People." They had claws and wore robes, and each one had an eye for a head. . . ." [pg 128]

As to body marks:

"A pattern of inexplicable needle marks after sleep. . . if related to an actual close encounter, would represent the signs of ET scientific sampling or medical procedures . . . ." [pg 34]

I feel I'm getting closer to some truths.

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