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Yes & thank you. My motion to theorize quantum disentanglement has ever thrived, With the “realities” of being an adult in the 21st century. It’s very much the truth though if you are not to be following then something is surely to be following you, (and that can even be part of the self). With patience & calm meditation, I also suspect equal necessity at hand. So to be pleasantly conscious of such an evolved being such as a multidimensional drone requiring physical occupation in this neighborhood or anywhere, is still light into a realm to be further explored and that is uniquely motivating in many ways. If disentanglement were actually a solution i feel leadership would have to forfeit such a valuable body of energy that could be just as easily evolved, in a dimensional theory of mutual necessity(especially if it’s part of the self). So I’ll keep vision to the future with the best intentions for all universes, utilizing energy conservation as influence with this entity for a higher greater good.

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