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Question Multidimensional Drones?

Well for almost a year now I’ve been consciously acknowledging the existence of some specific audible mechanical devices either active in my brain or remotely activated in my surroundings. ET phenomena.

This is what happens if I exit or enter my front door a small “chirp” sound occurs it’s actually very loud & it sounds like when you have to replace the battery in a smoke detector & it’s 100% consistent. Also, periodically if I am outside the exact same sound occurs when I attempt to use psychics of any kind throughout the day or have high cardio that seemed to exhaust the equipment.

A few nights ago I was awoken by what appeared to be a little flying drone about 1 foot across with bright lights & some sort of propulsion system that seemed to defy conventional technology, as it literally seemed to pass directly through the wall, & back into the neighborhood. the little machine was busying away at programming my brain, because the moment I caught sight of it, it quickly nullified the cameras that had ‘accidentally’ activated to view it... in my brain

I’m well into EMF protection gear however I was not suspecting multidimensional technology... are any known methods available?

Thank you

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