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Originally Posted by Starman
P.S. There can also be intellectual bypassing, where a person avoids issues by intellectualizing them.
Career Bypassing, where a person hides in their career to escape emotional issues. They are the
consummate professional and rarely, if ever, deals with their own issues.

There are lots of escape behaviors and ways of thinking for people who want to avoid directly
confronting their own mental and emotional issues. American society bases fulfillment on creature
comforts, i.e. having large sums of money, a nice house, flashy car, and a trophy lover. Which does
not necessarily address deep emotional issues.

I like the music of Michael Jackson, but as a person he seemed to have a lot of emotional issues
which we covered up with his fortune and fame. The fact is it is healthy to sometimes withdraw
and find a means of escape. But in my opinion it should not be a permanent denial. Still, love does
guide us to a greater cooperation and harmony with life.

Thanks for sharing Starman, good insights which I've definitely found to be true.
Wouldn't say I'm a super fan of Michael Jackson's music but i've found some of his songs
very brilliant indeed and he was a good case in point of unresolved emotional trauma kicking
around and causing suffering.

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