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I have recently came upon my next phase/vision for life. Which entrails writting a book, which is odd for me. Since coherently writing in such length in thought is well gives me a headache just thinking about it. I have once years ago brought upon the concept of writing a book about the weakness in strength. But at the time I also realized that book was my throw away book for what actually matters. There was this "proverb" in a show called Vanishing son, that spoke of someone who wrote two books one filled with poetry,art, all things related. The other book was filled with life experience's. At the end of his journey he thew away the book of poetry because he realized the other book is what was mattered to him.
I believe I have finally found that is important through my eyes upon this journey of life. And hopefully I commit later down the road and put it on digital ink. I have had the opportunity tospeak with a few people about the fundamental idea of what I wish to write. I was also able to use the conversation while trying to explain the concept to show the validty of it as well from an everyday interaction amongst the three of us that was in the conversation.
I have always found writing in poetry or story form fairly easy. I hope I can express the same passion towards more of a philosophical point.
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