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Originally Posted by snowyowl
I'd take this to mean there's different types of existence: unicorns don't exist physically (realism?). But we need to have the idea of them existing in our imagination in order to discuss them (nominalism?).
How can something that doesn't exist enter your consciousness? So somewhere along the line you picked up on unicorns and what they are, and if I asked you to describe them you'd likely come up with close to the same description as me.

The trick to understanding what's going on here is to delve into the origins of unicorns, which is symbolism. They are representations as much as the signs of the zodiac or animal guides. That's not imagination though, because your whole sense of who and what you are is a representation.

Imagination and 'regular consciousness' uses the same source - what you are conscious of - so saying that what we imagine has no reality is inaccurate. Imagination is a process of the exploration of possibilities with what's in your conscious while what you call real is using logic and reason. If you want to do some serious thinking, imagination is Schrodinger's Cat. You see, what decides what is real or not isn't real itself. Imagining driving that red convertible in the showroom is a possibility however unlikely and underneath the possibility is your desire to drive it. Your desire is real, your imaginings are the expressions of your desire into the conscious mind.

The objective reality is that all reality is subjective.

Originally Posted by snowyowl
Ha ha, this was my love of double entendre. It does twist my mind trying to understand this stuff, but it's also like a 'strange loop' (see wikipedia for details).
I much prefer Fibonacci spirals, they're also more natural in so many ways.

Originally Posted by snowyowl
So non-existence is also part of the realm of existence? In that case, existence has no opposite. In fact, that's true either way: if non-existence (ie nothing) does exist, it's not opposite to existence. If non-existence doesn't exist, then it's also not in opposition (or duality) to existence. So existence is the absolute. This, here and now, is the absolute.
Non-existence is in the realm of the differentiated consciousness of the ego, non-existence is based on something existing in the first place. If you say that something doesn't exist you're saying that it has already entered your consciousness and therefore it must exist yet you're contradicting yourself. Unicorns do exist but as an avatar or artefact of consciousness, and the people who say they don't exist simply don't understand as much about consciousness as they'd like to think.

There is only what exists and there is nothing that does not exist.

Originally Posted by snowyowl
I'm conscious of This (being). Sometimes it appears as separate from me, the observer, sometimes not. The me observing my own consciousness is also a strange loop: non-existence, existing. I am a self-reference, a paradox.

I'm stopping now because I need a lie down with a wet towel on my head. [/size][/font]
You shouldn't have stopped because you're on a roll. You are consciousness becoming conscious of itself, and it's those two that are different, not you. Consciousness comes in 'layers' sometimes because regardless of what you are conscious of there's always something 'above'. So first you were conscious, now you are conscious that you are conscious - which is you 'observing' your own conscious.

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