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Originally Posted by Miriah
Ill be in the middle of making a post, and when I go to submit it, Ill be forced to log in again.

Its on my amazon fire tablet and my laptop.

Im using Opera GX on my PC.
I think the browser for the tablet is called Silk.

It doesnt happen every time I try to make a post, maybe theres a time thing where if it takes too long to make a post it logs me out, but my posts havent taken THAT long to write.

I also couldnt find a new thread button for this forum on my tablet when I was going to make a thread about it before.

but the getting logged out thing is really frustrating.

Ive been on my laptop for a while now and it hasnt been logging me out.
Still happening with my tablet.
I wonder if it might be because Im logged into my account on both devices.

I was having the same problem, very frustrating indeed, Iíve ticked remember me hopefully itíll be all sorted now.
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