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Considerations Seventy-One …

Even this makes a difference …

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Take a guess as to the difference in the rate of vibration (RoV) of Soul Itself and the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies … physical, emotional, and mental. To advance … is not just a matter of study … or of a yet-to-be-discovered book or website.

The RoV of the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies is focused on … and can only … analyze / divide / categorize / reason / dissect / etc. This is what they are made to do … so no surprise … this is their intent and methodology.

Soul … approaches altogether differently. Since Soul lives within and approaches by way of the Whole of Life … it does not analyze / divide / categorize / reason / dissect / etc. Obviously … Soul has to determine … and then live within … an entirely different set of essences or forces. There is nothing to analyze / divide / categorize / reason / dissect / in the Pure God Worlds since there is no form. From the 5th Plane upwards … Divine Spirit is not yet made specific. I’ve been through this in previous posts.

The various web sites … the scriptures … the books … the organized religions … just reminds one of the higher truths … but do nothing to “get you to them.” The working method / answer … is to live these truths. And the higher truths are certainly VERY different than the rules and regulations we have to live down here … mostly for peaceful / compatible interaction … rules of society / etc. Most people understand what it is all about … but do not know how to live the higher truths … especially while here in the Lower Psychic Worlds.

Or they let their old habits control them and they cannot even get a glimpse of what the higher truths may be … let alone to live them.

Much of the benefit / contentment / serenity of life is just to continue to form new more beneficial habits … to remind yourself of them … and to focus on thoughts around them … and to even let the new beneficial habit grow … as it will naturally. Do this … rather than thinking about past failures /shame / errors / mistakes / wrong doings / etc … brings ever-progressive life.

Thinking about the failures is what you’ve been doing forever. All of us have. If you consider that plugging in these new beneficial thoughts … and every day telling yourself … and reminding yourself of … the thoughts and perceptions from these new habits … just as you have been doing with failures … all this time … into what kind of life will that lead you?

When you focus on pessimistic values and ideas … this is what you are bringing to yourself.

That the new more beneficial ways are difficult … much of that comes from trying to out-maneuver or override the old habits. It does NOT come easily or quickly. Most people don’t even know that this is what they are doing … and drawing life to themselves by doing so. As stated before … to just stop an old pattern leads a void which will be filled … by something. YoU choose what is to fill it. The old … is best replaced by the new that YoU choose.

As you live more and more of the benefits … you then live more and more within the Whole of LIFE … which is … Divine Spirit.

All of the organized religions have just taken tangents off the higher truths and made “religions” out of them to help the population understand what is happening to them and why. The organized religions build off the more easily applicable principles and realities of Lower Psychic World life. They dissected / analyzed / categorized it all … and made a following out of it.

*Nothing* wrong with this. It is a natural part of the Path … and should be followed on its natural course. It is only when you are ready to move beyond … that much of this becomes important anyway. The religions continue to operate within their focused understanding.

People must go through these phases. How else can you learn? How else are you going to know if they are of value or not … and to what extent they *are* of value. Much of it is useable … until you are ready to go beyond. If they satisfy you … please continue.

When it’s time to move on … where are you gonna go? This holds a lot of people back … many just want to continue to belong to the human state of consciousness for lack of knowing what other options are there?

Besides uncovering just what the Whole of Life is and then living from and within that … the greatest preliminary to all of this is ethics. The only limitation on the use of Spirit is by way of ethics … our ethics … the individual use of ethics.

Ethics … as that which is not selfish … which is good for the whole … which will not harm one … and will do justice for all concerned … actions for the benefit of all.

If we live this principle of obedience to Divine Spirit … it is the determining factor in beginning the journey into and beyond the 5th Plane. These ethics are learn here … and are a necessary stepping stone. If and when we do indeed deeply learn them while in the Lower Psychic Worlds … we will continue to develop them as we step into the Pure God Worlds. All will be well for both ourselves and for all others concerned.

No … I do not mean to simplify the progress into the Pure God Worlds as being solely of ethics. It goes much farther than that. But “ethics” must be learned at some time … and put into daily practice. It is a good indicator to Divine Spirit of your sincerity.

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Tidbit …

The Silence is not merely being quiet … nor even the absence of thought … but a definite state of spiritual consciousness.

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