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Considerations Seventy …

Differences within the One …

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I wish to delve into ones personal altar / temple and just what that involves. This might include a definition of two … something that some of you might find interesting.

Many on the forum board dabble in the question of “One” and what that means … in terms of unity and separation and such. The initial meaning of the word “One” is just that … that all of Existence is from One source … Divine Spirit … radiating from the Core Creator God. Again … EVERY-thing is formed out of this Essence … this Divine Spirit. The only exception is the Center God ITSELF. No one can be outside of this … no one can be separated from this. History has had us “worship” multiple gods … from the Greek gods to the gods found in constellations … on and on and on.

What complicates matters is the Divine Spirit is re-designed if you will … below the 5th Plane … Atma Lok … and the Spirit of the Lower Psychic Worlds takes on the negative element so that form can be manifested … and into conditions and such. But the make-up of this is still … Divine Spirit. It is just watered down a bit. Actually … quite a lot.

If you take pure water … and then add to it some flavoring … or add anything to this pure water and it then becomes some kind of altered beverage. It is different from pure water … but is still composed from a pure liquid.

Such is the difference between Divine Spirit … and the Spirit from the Lower Psychic Worlds.

So everything … is of this same substance. The difference lies in its rate of vibration. ( I have never been fond of the term “rate of vibration” … sounds too mechanical … but there are few better substitutes and so I will continue to use “rate of vibration” ( RoV) because it carries the concept. In a sense … the massive vortex of Existence is very mechanical indeed … set into motion for a purpose … within which we all draw our various states of consciousness. This is the mechanical / technical side of it all. )

Ice changes into water, to steam, to vapor, to gas … not because the water changes … but the RoV changes.

In the exact same light … every element of ones state of consciousness changes according to the RoV … especially since thought itself is a vibration. Personal habits, viewpoints, emotions, thoughts, life style, habits, patterns, beliefs … all have their distinct RoV. We have no choice in this. Our individual aura … is at a specific RoV … composite thought it is. Everything about us and all of Existence has its own RoV.

To many of you … this is nothing new. What might perhaps be new is the extent to which this governs our lives. It governs … everything.

As said above … thought is a vibration. So are the emotions. The RoV of emotions … you can feel these quite easily.

So elements differ not in substance … but in RoV. Thoughts are the same. This personal RoV that each of us has is what draws life experiences to us. If you run thoughts of guilt, shame, arrogance, anger, fear, lust, greed, kindness, tolerance … the list goes on and on … if these thoughts are constantly running through your perspective … what do these and any combination thereof … do to your RoV that YoU are living? How would all of this shape our lives? It *has* been … whether you know it or not … or you just accept this on an intellectual level and pay little attention to it.

You live this. Now.

Each of us as Soul is at the Center of Existence. Wherever you are right now … reading, driving, sitting … whatever … all of Existence totally surrounds you … right now. The only reason you cannot “see” or “feel” it is because the physical senses cannot detect their RoV’s. They are beyond physical perception but the other facets of Self … the astral, causal, mental, etheric … and certainly Soul Itself … can be trained and learn to perceive them … according to their ability to perceive them. The astral cannot be trained to perceive the mental, etc. Soul … can use the various inner bodies to see it all.

Physically … you can only detect what can physical be sensed … and our thoughts / habits / beliefs determine what we hold to inwardly … all according to the RoV.

The astral plane is right next to you … all around you … but you cannot see it … because you have not learned how to “see” the higher ROV through the senses of your astral body. As is the causal / mental / etc. They are all right around you … you are in the middle of it. You are focused outwardly or inwardly … according to your understanding and abilities.

Again … most of you are familiar with this … but heavily consider … just what part does all of this play in what you can and cannot do … your abilities … your perceptions … your enlightenment … your daily life … your moment-to-moment existence … your relationships … your jobs … your place of residence … your dreams … your goals … your trials … again … on and on and on.

Think of the RoV of mainstream media … of music … of the movies you watch … other peoples thoughts and feelings … etc … all pouring in on you … constantly. What does that do to you?

Consider … that very little of our perceptions are independent of these outer manipulations. We have lived variations of this for so long … much of them are not “outer” anymore.

To consider going inside and designing or finding a personal “altar” from which to interact with all of this … is no light-weight endeavor. But it is “inside” that all of this must be encountered … and if any changes or growth is to take place … it is there … on the inner.

You can simplify or start all of this by simply seeing the word “IN” after you close your eyes and gather yourself for inner adventure. See this word as massively tall … hundreds of feet tall … make it glow … make it distinct … and then just walk yourself right in between the letters and continue to whatever adventure awaits. You could add the feature of putting a big set of door handles down where you could reach them … such as on any big double-door scenario … and pull them slightly open towards you … and then enter.

You could close your eyes to daydream … to remember a shopping list … to remember someones name … to close out an unhappy sight … to remember last nights movie … etc. By closing your eyes and going through “IN” … you are drawing a distinction. Mind will learn if you train it to do so … and this is about as generic and workable approach as you can get.

There will be more along these same lines for a short series.

More Thursday.

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Tidbit …

Stop going over and over your disappointments or trials or worries. Let past battles go … especially when you head inside. Try not to hold to yesterday as the measure of all experience. Leave all future possibility as valid and expected.

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