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Considerations Sixty-Nine …

Design the Altar … Confront your own consciousness …

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A bit of methodology …

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Once anyone deeply begins to draw the difference between what and where the outer world leads ones perspectives verses understanding what the “inner world” are all about … one often slowly becomes aware that it is the inner that develops the outer … as above so below … as the inner goes the outer … all of that. Many on this forum board understand this but it is *not* common knowledge.

Those that head inside to discover and design their own inner worlds quickly realize that they know very little about the vast of these worlds. Look at it this way … if anyone needed to go do some grocery shopping or head to the local mall or go find a sunny beach or go visit whomever or go buy some gasoline for the lawnmower or whatever journey one takes in the outer world to go do something or find something … one can rather quickly express the choices one has … good, bad, or indifferent. They know the “parts” or the “places” of the outer world … and well they should. We’ve all been here for a very long time.

Ask someone where such-and-such is “located” in the inner worlds … and you will usually draw a blank. After all … the inner worlds are just … “in.” People going in to meditate verses in to contemplate verses in to define verses in to remember memories verses pray verses … on and on and on … mostly … is just … “in.”

One approach that Soul can use to begin to not only become more familiar with Its own inner worlds but also helps the mind begin to draw necessary distinctions and help mind become a bit more congenial … more compatible … more assistive.

When you go in to “connect with Divine Spirit” … or pray to this Spirit or interact with It on most any level … design an inner altar or temple that you go to for such inner actions … a “special place” of your own design … where only such activities occur … and is yours and yours alone. Any place will do … and yet this is can be a very intimate special inner space … so … take some time to design it … remember it … go there often. Try to keep it somewhat simple but reverent.

It is also incredibly helpful to design your own workshop … or workplace … or an “area” where you go to interact with your own consciousness. In a sense … you are designing your own “inner home.” This is where you would go to explore … enhance … work on … build … redesign … etc. Again … this is *your* own place for *your* own consciousness … what you know … what you believe. When you “step in there” … this is what you intend to do.

To just dive in and “go inside” gives mind no understanding as to the incredible variety of inner activities … so … you go about setting those up. What is of great benefit … is to you doorways or bridges or corners to go around or stairways to “change location” and use this to designate various areas of your own inner world. You are telling mind … “I am going here … because I want to do so-and-so … “ … and mind learns to understand that.

To go to specific locales … so to speak … close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax … and then inwardly go through a door and begin whatever activities you have set for that area … or … go around a corner and do the same … or … go up a stairs or across a bridge to do the same thing.

An offshoot of a round-about could be used … or the hub of a spoked wheel. Any good “crossroads” design will do … with maybe four to begin. You can set it up like the outstretched arms of an octopus. Works quite well.

This change in direction or entering into a specific place can train mind to follow differing expressions of protocol … maybe to really quiet down in this “space” … or to be ready to work on some habits or patterns in this other “space” or to even stop the mind and have it all quiet for a moment or two in this “space” … most anything you wish. Soon one goes to these inner “locations” to do specific activities or jobs … and mind … through habit formation … begins to accept and comply.

To go inside and expect various activities or silences to just happen … is like saying I am going out for a drive … and I have no idea where or for what purpose. ( Yes … I know … there are times when this is nice. ) But for the most part … when you get in and drive … you are “going somewhere for a purpose.”

Treat your inner world the same. Make it fun. Make it *yours.* Castles, caves, entire planets, treehouses, wide-open meadows with streams and mountains … all up for your own use. You absolutely could not design something inwardly that does not exist somewhere … at least on the astral … if not in a higher plane. Libraries are great places to set up for your own study … or a cherished inner house that has a fabulous library as one of its “rooms.” If you make a favored house your “inner home” … think what you can do with the specifics within that house. This is one reason why houses are common dream symbols.

To begin with … perhaps just one special place. Don’t expect miracles … mind has to be trained. If you wanted a “Quiet Room” … then you would have to design that space … walk into it through a door or something similar … and then begin to train your mind to be quiet … “there.” When you finally train it to any positive degree … you can then go inside and walk into that “space” and mind will follow suit by habit.

The main point is … put a “division” in there somewhere. This helps the mind understand that it is going from one state to another. Divisions = doors / gates / corners / bridges / rooms / staircases / crossroad / etc.

YoU design these so they mean something to YoU.

In a sense … by doing this … you are beginning to design … YoU … and direct access to these designated spaces. These special “places” … especially the altar or temple … can develop into a greater and more reverent inner sanctuary the more you allow it to evolve … used specifically for interaction with whatever God you believe in at the moment. This can be enhanced … all the way to the Core.

This … works … if you work with it.

More later.

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Tidbit …

By the skillful and sustained use of misdirection, one can make an entire population see heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

Consider what you personally have been doing to yourself for … eons.

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