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hazada …

I wondered why you were back. I’m glad you are. Absolutely do not worry about “not understanding” various points or posts. Anxiety just makes it worse.

Consider it this way … if you set out to start a new physical exercise routine … and you can do 10 push-ups ( or whatever ) but cannot do 20 … in a week / month or so … you can do the 20 … and then move on to 30.

In other words … it’s all development. Pretty soon you’ll be telling yourself … “Hey wait … back in Post # ?? he said this … and now he’s saying this … now I can see how they fit together and I can better understand.”

It’s all a matter of following a trail of breadcrumbs … and sometimes … you have to go back and get one you missed. Remember … all of this goes back to the Whole anyway … so it all comes back together. Pieces have to be put into place just like a jigsaw puzzle. Mind wants the pieces. Mind wants to analyze, dissect, categorize. Soul … lives from the Whole … when It can finally realize what that is.

It is much more than just mental study. It is understanding why various principles are put into place … for what purpose … and to what level do they apply … and then they are to be lived.

Just “knowing” them does little … save for data collection.

On we go.

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