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Being of service

being of service to others, but more importantly, be free!, to be wild! and love who you are for that, there is fun when others try to tame you or to control you or repress you or reject you, at times of great pain you withdraw and let all the negative energy out purifying yourself and reborn each time from the ashes,
like a phoenix,

stronger, and then those who try to do it get the full force of your powers, and then you celebrate your freedom to roam freely and do as you wish and give no one reasons or excuses with no held belief or perspective no good or bad to be liberated and follow your heart free to expand yourself to the endless the infinite and feel the cosmo be everywhere and nowhere.
all lives are sacred and holy and must be preserved,
for those who preserve life, their own life will be preserved as well, and no life is better than the other all life is equally important, and all lives are one, entwined and connected we all are, by the power of love.
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