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Originally Posted by VictorianCat
Pretty straight forward question :)

My experience has been my own happiness comes from helping other people achieve happiness.

The same thing is true with enthusiasm and salvation.

I think what is important for happiness is not to judge God for creating humanity with so many imperfections. I think what is important to finding happiness is not judging other people because they have imperfections. No matter how bad someone behaves, I think it is important to hold the expectation they will behave better in the future. And regardless of how evil people may be, I think it is important to treat everyone we meet as the most sacred object on Earth regardless of how some people may test our faith.

So ultimately, the way to get what you want is to want what you have.

Once you stop judging people and God, you become open to receiving all of God's blessings flowing all around us. When you judge other people, you are blind or incapable of seeing the best in other people. When you dwell on all that is bad in the world you will not experience happiness coming from all of God's blessings.
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