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Originally Posted by K1ng_L3ar
Technically Samuel is the last judge of Israel before the kingdom is founded under Saul. There really should be more movies and TV shows about these people on mainstream channels. Ehud's story alone was incredible. It felt like I was reading an synopsis from an Assassin's Creed novel. Samson was a lot more arrogant and bull headed than I was originally taught in church. His last stand against the Philistines was very moving to me also. Delilah is a very interesting case to. She's the only female judge I think? I'm not sure how it was possible for her to be ordained. Perhaps the Hebrews had a rule where only males that were young and able could qualify. Perhaps her relatives were too old and sickly to take the job and therefore the eldest daughter goes in that case?

Was Delilah a judge? I thought she was the one who robbed him of his strength when she cut his hair. Regardless if she was a judge she wasn't the only female Judge. One of the greatest and earliest was Deborah. She was a great orator, people came from miles around to learn from her.

Speaking of what is taught in church I wonder if you've ever heard of Thecla?
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