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It makes me happy to be here. To experience life and love. It makes me happy that I am healthy, vital, vibrant and alive. I am enthusiastic about life.

It makes me happy that I know deep inside that all is well. That I am loved, appreciated. It makes me happy that I feel so free and calm. I am confident about myself and my life.

It makes me happy that I don't have fears about the future. I just feel that everything will turn out well and that faith really gives me ability to enjoy moment by moment. My faith in goodness and love makes me happy. I just love being here.

I find happiness in all things. Like petting my cat and listening how he purrs. I am happy that today was a beautiful sunny day. That I enjoyed this day with people I love.

I am happy that I am able to do what I love. And that I learned to focus mainly on positive things in my life. Happiness is fun
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