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Originally Posted by (im)perfectdream1794
I am still in the beginning phases of my personal spiritual journey, and most recently I have been researching and reading about the seven spiritual chakras, astral projection and the subconscious mind. I have made a conscious realization about myself today, I noticed that whenever i gain and understand new insight about spirituality or the human mind, I instantly use that advice or share it with someone whom I think would greatly benefit from it. I noticed that I do this shortly after I start deeply pondering it, or before I even try and apply it myself. Is this normal by any means at all, or is there some deeper purpose or reason why I do this? Is this a natural part of the spiritual journey involving more deeply understanding a subject by trying to share or teach it to another, or is some kind of sign that this is what I should be doing?

In the true nature of connection when you access that part of you that shares naturally, unimpeded by your human conditioning, it shows the true nature of being and sharing of you and how it can be, open and naturally connecting to others in the way you want to more freely. If the things you require for you in your awareness gathering open in such a way you give it away to another, then a part of you is asking for a reflection to deepen it even more so. So hence you arrive here and question it to deepen for YOU. We learn and deepen in many ways. It makes no difference in the learning whether we include others first before we realize our part or just use it for self alone to deepen in us first. When you become this you will be sharing it anyway as yourself as you move through the world, either being it or deepening to become it by sharing and including others. We are learning and growing through many roles when building self. So the role of your guide/teacher self for you will guide/teach others until you become the guide/teacher aspect of you fully as YOU. Then it just becomes sharing of you being yourself, the stories all fall away and the roles. But its all important in the building for you if you require it for your process. It is yours and yours alone how you do this.
Any advice, insight or knowledge will be appreciated.

I feel that to most this may not seem like a big deal, but as soon as I came to the realization I could not stop thinking about it, I'm rather excited about it to be honest. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Its good your tapping into this now because you can include yourself to let you deepen into all this as one source. I should add that sometimes the information you find might simply by an intuitive connection where it is to just share it with others or groups to support more than yourself. You then can self reflect through the shared space and deepen that way. In the greater scheme of things we are all in this together. And becoming that togetherness is a building stage of learning through this means you are showing in part in this way.

Life is a process and a journey, so the exploration, inclusion and deepening awareness is you in all this too. And the order is you too. So enjoy yourself in your process, it is your life and journey to build and share as you wish, as long as you are open to the process your creating, you will find the parts of you that will support you in everyway.

Good luck x
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