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Very nice story, thank you for sharing!
Originally Posted by Annhelen
I figure I downloaded it a long time ago and no longer have any memory of it. Very well could be the answer, given my age, etc. But I have looked everywhere with searches on the internet and can't find this particular document, nor the transcriber as such, anywhere.
No need to do a huge logical inquiry, it depends how often things pop up by magic in your reality, but for instance in mine it's becoming the norm!

Lately for instance, I was wondering how a neighborhood looked like and started typing searches on the internet. All of a sudden I was brought to a page (I don't know what manipulations I did) symbolic of "drugs / hell" for me. I was surprised by the "answer" (I'm supposed to live there for a while ) so I started to inquire how I got to that page. There was absolutely NO WAY I could recollect or get to it again by any click, links, keywords I typed!! No way!
Okay, I surrender! And I promise I won't go out late at night!

Here is a video I love about signs.
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