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I think there are several energy bodies with different characteristics. Meaning different things you would see or do when attuned to them. For example you saw disembodied arms and hands, and also talked about slipping into an 'altered' state and also sleepwalking (which also seems to me to be an altered state). Those seem to me to be three distinct energy bodies although I can't say I know that for sure.

So it seems like you may have been slipping between energy bodies... It is different depending on whether you are on the high end (into the light) or on the low end (suffering). Or somewhere in the middle.

Slipping between energy bodies was something I sorta started cultivating, because, it was such a relief not to wake up in the morning and remember where I was immediately for example. I sorta get to forget myself sometimes which is a real novelty for me...

I don't think everyone gets the kinds of experiences you did... I know I didn't. My childhood was very rigid. Except once as a child I got to feel the energy fields I had in my last life.... but I didn't have a mental landscape that would let me see that until much much later. That was the good side of having a twin, opened my mind to many many mindboggling ideas...

I've also had the priviledge of seeing others slip into alternate 'realities' for brief periods, in some ways it can kinda be beautiful although they often have no idea what is going on... Some of the people stuck in such places get marginalized as if they were 'crazy' because they don't act 'properly' according to the commonly accepted ways of behaving.
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