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Ac195...Lucid dreaming is when you are fully aware within the dream, that you are dreaming. You are consciously in control suddenly. Some people use a lucid dream to do Astral projection. And some just to enjoy a fully conscious awareness while dreaming.

What you describe may actually be what's known as "recurring dreams".

Those are two different things.

I get recurring dreams regularly. To the point where I have familiar landscapes in dreams, which I know well by now! Fields, woods, etc and a mountain area.

I can't psycho-analyse someone's dreams but it may just be that is what you are focused on subconsciously. How to stop doing that? Lose interest in that focus....that's the only suggestion I have.
Or....go with the flow of these dreams and just allow them to be.

I have heard that a recurring dream is most often the subconscious continuing to give us a message that we either haven't properly listened to or need further "delving into".

Yet I have found it hard to relate that idea to my own dreams....of these fields, woods, pleasant pathways through rural places, where nothing much of a challenging nature ever takes what message my subconscious is giving me or what I am learning from them -I really don't know!
They seem more of a reflection of my ordinary life to me. Like a continuation of my ordinary everyday life and landscapes I often visit.

But they are places I like very maybe that's the message? Simple.
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