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Originally Posted by Cal
I am really enjoying reading and contemplating your posts Sparrow. Thanks so much for the time and energy you are putting forth.

Very interesting that the soul has attachments and seeks to relive them in the afterlife out of want or desire and not out of necessity. I couldn't help to wonder if sex falls into this category as well. In dreams, especially lucid dreams, sex seems somewhat empty or lacking compared to the physical experience. Makes me wonder if it's because it’s just a mental projection as opposed to two separate entities exchanging energies.

The physical act of sex is not practiced in the spirit world. For this reason you can perhaps understand why so many souls choose to have a physical experience.

The spirit itself is genderless. The soul is a combination of both male and female energies depending on their soul journey up to that moment. Whether they choose to wear the form of a male or female in the afterlife is purely a matter of individual identity and character choice. This is the aspect of ego, which gives you your ability to have the personality that you have, and then wear an image that best personifies that personality for your self gratification. Ego is to be understood as not a negative aspect of yourself, but a means to experience expression and creation. Every beautiful song written or love letter written to a spouse comes through ego. Or a piece of art or architect. People often misunderstand this, and focus purely on the opposite spectrum of ego which gets the finger pointed at as ‘bad’.

The energy that ignites the desire for sex with another human being is still experienced in the afterlife, but in a different way. It is not felt as a desire to perform animal-like practices, but is felt as a desire to be of service to someone else. To give something of yourself to that other. This can be in the form of all sorts of deeds and creative phenomenon, not even imagined on Earth. One of the most beautiful is a type of merging experience shared by two beings. They will come together to create a unified moulding of the energy between both beings, sharing with one another every intimate sensation, thought and feeling they have within their deepest core. Like two flames from two candles merging together as one. In that moment the two temporarily become as one. This is unlike anything experienced in human form.

Sex in physical form, with all its chemical and mental/emotional stimulations is considered a sacred and privileged experience for the soul. So too the practice of self-love in similar respect. It is a shame so much taboo is placed on these gifts.


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