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Red face Neighbour Ghost

A few months ago I was up late chatting with my friend. It was around 3 am and I was lying on my bed. I live in Germany and the ceilings in my apartment are about 20 feet high. My apartment is very old. There are bomb shelters in the basement from the Second World War.

Anyways, I was talking away and I saw what appeared to be a person in a big dress that was sort of translucent float through the wall heading in a straight direction through my apartment. Like it was going somewhere important. I was a bit shocked but was overall fine. Then later that week my friend called me and I sat on my bed talking on my phone and the music turned on by itself in my bathroom. Also, a door opened which I had closed. Then nothing happened for awhile.

This week I was up late again because I was doing a course in the United States and was on their time zone for zoom meetings. I was sitting on zoom listening to a lecture and the ghost appeared in my window and as soon as I looked it disappeared. I saw it out of the corner of my eye first and then looked at the window and jumped right out of my chair. My flat is on the second floor and a person would not be able to climb up to my window. Its too high.

Well the ghost is fairly nice. It fixed one of the lights in my bathroom that hasn't been turning on for months and I lost my favourite tweezers and today I felt the tweezers moving under my arm. I lifted my arm and the tweezers were there. There is no explanation for this. They were not there before and it felt like someone slipped something underneath my arm. My arm was stationary.

Now I am not able to communicate with spirits but I am making some guesses about who this ghost might be. First, the ghost came through the wall from the apartment next door. All the apartments here are side by side. So my apartment bedroom wall is beside the next apartments resident walls. Second, the ghost was wearing what appeared to be a full length dress for an older woman.

The apartment beside mine had two Jewish families in it and there are memorial stones outside. Both families were adult children living with their mother. All the Jewish people taken from that building were sent to Auschwitz and died there.

The "stumbling stones" say the names and what happened to the people who lived in the buildings. There is also a website where you can search names and read short biographies on the people taken by the Nazis. I am thinking the ghost is one of the mothers that was taken away because of her dress. I don't feel scared at all. Just curious.
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